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To Talk About it is to Free Yourself

Since it was founded, the CALACS CHATEAUGUAY has fought tirelessly against sexual violence. Despite the tremendous amount of work done, this issue is still poorly understood and causes fear. Knowing the extent of the problem, there is a strong possibility that at some point in your life you will be in contact with a victim of sexual assault.

You should know that in Quebec, as elsewhere in the world, women and children are the main victims of sexual violence. This is due to the unequal relationships between men and women, the trivialization of this violence as well as the persistent myths and prejudices surrounding it. Furthermore, sexual violence creates the fear of being sexually assaulted for all women, that is to say for at least half the members of our society. It also represents a threat to the life, health, welfare, rights and safety of women. We must also assume massive costs in order to repair the damage done by the perpetrator. Consequently, we can say that this problem has important individual and social impacts.

Sexual assault victims have the right to expect support from their relatives and loved ones in order to be able to take back control of their lives. If a person of your entourage reveals she has been a victim of sexual assault, it means that she has sufficient confidence in you and hopes to be greeted properly with respect, compassion and non-judgement.

If you decide to get involved as a caregiver, know that CALACS Châteauguay has produced an Information Guide for the Relatives and Loved Ones of Sexual Assault Victim. On the one hand, it will help you to better understand the problem. On the other hand, it can help and guide you as a supporting person. Remember that you will play a role of great importance. Therefore, listen, be present, empathetic, caring and above all be up to the confidence that the person has in you. We all have a responsibility towards this problem.

As a friend, partner, brother, sister, parent, counsellor, etc.

Let’s say no to sexual violence. Let’s work together !

Please note that the use of the feminine form was prioritized when talking about sexual assault victims, even though we do not exclude the fact that men can be victims also.

« Sexual assault is an attack on one’s basic rights, including the right to physical and psychological integrity as well as one’s physical safety. »

[Mikhaïl Bakounine]