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Principal forms of sexual violence as defined by the CALACS

” Sexual assault can take differents forms, whether in the gesture committed or the degree of violence used. “
  • Sexual assault : a large range of acts are considered as sexual assault from fondling to sexual violence (rape, attempted rape, etc.). These assaults can harm, mutilate or put someone’s life in danger. We include in this definition all forms of sexual violence towards minors (0-18 years old) other than incest.
  • Incest : all activity of a sexual nature involving a minor and a person who has, with that girl, a role of responsability or represents a parental figure. The perpetrator can be a father, a spouse, a brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt, a grandparent, etc.; it can also be members of a blended family, a foster home or an adoptive family.
  • Sexual harrassment : all forms of unwanted sexual attention or undesired sexual advances (looks, words, acts, touching, threats, propositions, jokes and exhibition of pornographic material) which cause discomfort, fear, and threaten a person’s wellbeing or employment.
  • Obscene messages : mostly anonymous, these messages of a sexual nature are committed to intimidate or scare the other person (phone calls, emails, chats, texts, etc.).
  • Exhibitionnism : behavior of someone who shows his genitals in public.
  • Voyeurism : behavior which involves looking at the nudity or intimate behavior of another person or group of people.
  • Frotteurism : behavior of someone who seeks physical contact with non-consenting persons in a public place. An example would be trying to rub one’s sexual organs against strangers on public transportation.
  • Sexual assault by involutary intoxication : use of drugs or a mixture of medication and alcohol provoking a state of advanced drunkenness and furthermore, amnesia, with the intent of sexually assaulting a person.
  • Collective sexual assault : an assault perpetrated by more than one assailant.
  • Sexual exploitation : use of a person for pornographic or prostitution purposes through blackmail, intimidation, threats, cunning and psychological and physical violence.

* Please note that our definitions do not correspond to those contained in the sections of the law relating to sexual assault in the Criminal Code of Canada.