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Medicosocial and Forensic Kits

When we are a victim of sexual assault it is very difficult to realize what we have just experienced, we can deny, freeze, forget, diminish, but if we become aware of what has just happened within 5 days following the event; it is important to go to a designated center and ask for the social medical and medico-legal (forensic) kits. You can do all this while being accompanies by someone you trust or by a worker from the Châteauguay CALACS. In our region the designated center is the Anna-Laberge Hospital (HAL).

The social medical kit is the care for the victim by a team made up of staff trained to intervene with victims of sexual assault. The victim will have the opportunity to speak, to express their needs and emotions and will be listened to. The team will support her in her process and each step will take place with her agreement. Throughout the interview, several questions will be asked to the victim in order to determine the type of examinations required.

The forensic kit is an examination carried out by a health professional to take samples from a sexual assault victim, male or female, in the event that he or she wishes to file a complaint with the police. This is a set of forms to fill out, bags and envelopes used to collect any clue that may constitute evidence, sampling tubes and swabs (brush to clean natural cavities).

These kits consist of taking samples and gathering items that can be used if the person decides to file a complaint with the police. They aim to find biological substances left by the sexual aggressor on the victim’s body or clothing such as semen, saliva, or blood. The DNA obtained from these biological substances makes it possible to establish the genetic profile of the perpetrator.

Completed kits will be kept at the designated center for 14 days. The person has the freedom to file a complaint or not. If the victim wishes to file a complaint, the designated center then gives the kit to the person in charge of the police investigation, and it is then sent to the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine where specialists perform various analyses.

The Châteauguay CALACS has qualified workers who can accompany you in a respectful and reassuring way during this stage of the journey towards healing following a sexual assault.

Source : This text comes from the Calacs Entre Elles Website.