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The J’AVISE Program

Our program J’AVISE (Jeunes en Action contre la VIolence SExuelle – Youth in Action against Sexual Violence) aims to inform and raise awareness among young people about the problem of sexual violence, more particularly sexual assault. It is an integrated prevention program because it uses the three-part approach supported by the CALACS Chateauguay.

To effectively prevent sexual violence, it is necessary to intervene on several levels and to implement different activities simultaneously. The continued presence of activities in targeted environments and the multiplication of actions according to various models increase the chances of success (Sexual Assault Working Group, 1995).


Thus, the three components of J’AVISE include the following activities:
  • Awareness : provides youth with group educational activities to better inform them about the problem of sexual violence.
  • Counseling : provides support groups for adolescent girls that have experienced or are experiencing sexual violence.
  • Action : aims to encourage local initiatives and support the setting up of action groups and prevention activities.