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Cover your tracks

Step 1. Search Engine

If you found us using a search engine like Google, it’s important to know that your searches are remembered.

For example: if you searched for “assault help victims”, just typing an “a” will bring up recent searches.



To erase the term from the history, just click on the “clear history” link on the right.


Step 2. Web Browser

The procedure is different depending on the browser and the type of device used. Click the icon of your browser for instructions. If you are using a tablet or smart phone or if your browser is not listed, you can search on Google with the terms “clear history + the name of your browser”. Please note that this procedure must be carried out at the end of your visit once you have left our site. You can choose to clear history for last hour, last 4 hours, day, etc. Only delete the history corresponding to the period when you visited the site.


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